Drake Waterfowl Hunting Blinds

Drake Stake-Out Blind

Drake Stake-Out Blind


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  • Model Number: #DW5006

  • The Stake-Out Blind is perfect for hunting in flooded soybeans, rice, corn, shallow marsh, or anywhere you find shallow water. It also works great for dry of muddy field goose hunting. The sides can be buried using it as a one-man lay down pit blind, or you can brush it on top of the ground making it practically disappear. The body of the blind comes equipped with built-in stretch cord brush straps for fast and easy brushing. Flip tops have built-in brush straps which allow you to maximize concealment. After the hunt, you can use it as a gear sled by loading your gun, decoys and other gear inside and float it out of the field utilizing the tow-handle. The Stake-Out Blind comes with a backrest and has a built-in dry box. There are stabilizer stake-out openings at all four corners.

  • Constructed of rugged polyethylene. Made in the USA. Blind weighs 61 pounds.

  • Cockpit opening: 23" wide x 47" long x 14" deep

  • Overall dimensions: 7' long x 35" wide x 14" deep

  • Color: Field Tan


Drake Bunker Blind

Drake Bunker BlindDrake Bunker BlindDrake Bunker Blind



  • Model Number: #DW900

  • The Bunker Blind is the toughest, most durable, and most concealed blind on the market.  The No-Shadow Skirting System eliminates harsh angles that cause shadows and make the blind look like nothing more than a mound in the field.  Inside the blind, the frame is constructed of 1" square tubing, making it strong enough to support your full weight when getting in and out of the blind and even standing on the frame to get in and out if needed - tested up to 350 pounds!

  • Interior Dimensions: Cockpit Width: 30";  Body Length: 80";  Foot Width: 18";  Max Height: 16"

  • Exterior Dimensions: Widest Point of Skirt: 85";  Length of Skirt: 105";  Folded Size: 44" x 16" x 12"


Drake Waterfowl Hunting Blinds