PolarWrap Exchanger Masks

Two Modules are used in the PolarWrap Masks. The Maximum Efficiency Module provides maximum warming for the wearer. This module is recommended for extreme cold and when the wearer's activity level is low. The Moderate Efficiency Module provides increased air flow and a lower degree of warming. This module is recommended when the wearer is in cold temperatures or in physically active and generating body heat.

How It Works.

Inside every Exchanger Mask is a patented Heat Exchange Module. As the user exhales, the air leaving the mouth is directed from the mouth-port through the chambers of the Heat Exchange Module, which stores the heat and water vapor from the exhaled breath.   When the user inhales, the cold environmental air travels through the chambers of the Heat Exchange Module, picking up heat and water vapor. When the air enters the mouth it is warm.

Warm Air Mask Black


PolarWrap Warm Air Mask

Keep Warm and Comfortable
with Patented Technology...




Full Head Cover BlackFull Head Cover Camo


PolarWrap Exchanger Full Head Cover

It's Cold Outside . . . But your Whole Body is Warm when you wear the Exchanger Full Head Cover. Whether working or playing the Exchanger Full Head Cover will provide you with winter comfort that you never thought possible. Take the chill out of your winter experiences by breathing warm air with the Exchanger Mask.

(one size fits all)



Exchanger II BlackExchanger II Camo


PolarWrap Exchanger II Mask

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PolarWrap Seat Pad

PolarPad is infused with Aerogel -- world's best high-performance insulation material. Aerogel is space-age technology used by NASA to insulate the suits worn by U.S. astronauts against extreme temperatures - it blocks the transfer of cold and heat.

Polarpad weighs less than eight ounces and unfoldered is 16 inches by 12 inches, and it folds to 4 inches by 12 inches for easy carrying and storage.

Ideal for ballpark bleachers, lawn chairs, bare ground, deer stands, duck blinds, boat seats, car seats -- anywhere you are going to sit where it will be cold or too hot.

Comes without or with grommets to secure to seats or bleachers.




Full Head Cover Black


Fire Resistant Full Head Cover





PolarWrap CapInsulator Black



Toasty Feet 



PolarWrap Toasty Feet