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All-Star Catalyst Cryo-Helmet

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All-Star Catalyst Cryo-Helmet
All-Star Sports Part Number: CRYO1
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The All-Star Catalyst Cryo-helmet is designed with the idea that you ice injuries to other parts of your body, so why not ice your head.  Research has provided evidence that cooling the brain reduces the inflammatory effects that occur from head trauma.  The catalyst cryo-helmet can be used when a concussion is suspected or simply to cool down during hot practices and games.

Use for 30 - 40 minutes following any practice or game
• Reusable. Recharge in household freezer overnight
• Insulating neoprene shell (contains no natural rubber - latex
• CryoMax® patented technology stays colder longer than regular
ice or gel packs
• CryoMax® strips are re-positionable inside neoprene shell for
custom fit
• All fabric and neoprene surfaces are treated with the Aegis Microbe Shield®
(Kills MRSA 99.999%)
• Elastic strap for adjustable fit and better heat transfer
• All parts are machine washable, line dry
• Domestic and international patents pending
• Use of the Cryo-Helmet is not a substitute for seeking proper medical attention

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