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Barska Optics 1.03 Cubic Ft Keypad Depository Safe
Depository Keypad Safe

Barska Optics 1.03 Cubic Ft Keypad Depository Safe

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Your Price: $339.99
1.03 Cubic Ft Keypad Depository Safe
Barska Optics Part Number: AX12588
Catalog Number: 790272001668
UPC: 790272001668
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
The DX-200 Standard Depository Keypad Safe by Barska is a heavy-walled steel deposit box intended for short-term storage of cash and is ideal for restaurants or any cash-business making regular bank deposits. The DX-200 features solid steel walls and three steel dead bolt locks that are unlocked using either the digital keypad or the included back-up keys. The digital keypad can store up to two user-defined PIN codes. To resist tampering, this safe has a drop drawer with a row of jagged teeth that prevents deposited objects from being fished out, as well as a Lock Out mode that deactivates the keypad. Pre-drilled holes in the back and on the bottom of the DX-200 Safe permit mounting with the included hardware.

Barska DX Series Depository Safes are a great way to safely store cash, mail, and other important items for short periods of time while awaiting pickup. Hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and any other retail business that deals with large volumes of cash can benefit from the security provided by Barska DX Series Depository Safes. The drop-off door features anti-fishing baffles to prevent access to the contents inside once they are deposited, and three solid steel locking bolts will ensure that there is no unauthorized entry to the safe. As an added security feature the DX Series Safes have an option for Dual Pin Access, which would require two correct numeric codes to be entered to successfully open the safe. In the event that the PIN code is forgotten or if the battery dies, two back-up keys are also included with the Barska DX Series Safes.


- Solid Steel Construction
- 3 Steel Locking Bolts
- Retains 2 PIN Codes
- Optional Dual PIN Access
- Anti-Fishing Baffles
- Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
- Operates on 1 9V Battery, Included
- Protective Floor Mat
- Set of 2 Emergency Back-Up Keys


- Body Material: Solid Steel
- Finish: Black Matte
- Weight: 79.6 lbs
- Included Accessories: 2 Back Up Keys, Mounting Hardware, Batteries
- Outer Size: 14" x 14" x 20"
- Inner Size: 13.5" x 11" x 12"
- Key Code Memory: Up to 2 PIN Codes
- Secondary Access: 2 Back-Up Keys
- Locking System: 3 Solid Steel Locking Bolts
- Fireproof: No
- Batteries: 9V, Included

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