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Blackhawk! EpochL3MldLightBearing DutyGlck17/22/31Mt

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EpochL3MldLightBearing DutyGlck17/22/31Mt
Blackhawk! Part Number: 44E000BK-L
Catalog Number: 648018197406
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Building on our track record of reliable holster performance, the Epoch Holster delivers three levels of weapon retention for the highest level of security. The patent-pending retention system engages the pistol’s ejection port when holstered and won’t let go until you release it. As an added safety measure, the Pivot Guard opens by thumb activation and is designed so it won’t close accidentally, locking you out of the holster. This unique design accommodates the most popular under-barrel lights on the market today, giving you all the versatility you’ve come to expect from BLACKHAWK!


- Passive retention detent screw
- Epoch Auto Lock thumb release (patent pending)
- Thumb-activated Pivot Guard and Ejection-Port Lock
- Reinforces full master grip
- No snaps or hoods to accidentally open
- Mid-Ride Duty Belt Loop and High-Ride Duty Belt Loop also available (sold separately)


- Innovative Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop


- Color: Black
- Fits: Popular lights (TLR-1, TLR-2, X300)
- Fits: All BLACKHAWK! Injection-molded platforms

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