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Browning Epic Headlamp Light, Epic 1Aa Usb Rechargebl
BrowningEpic Headlamp

Browning Epic Headlamp Light, Epic 1Aa Usb Rechargebl

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Browning Epic Headlamp Light, Epic 1Aa Usb Rechargebl
Browning Part Number: 3718635
Catalog Number: 023614485919
UPC: 023614485919
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
USB rechargeable. Recharges like your phone. Ultra effective design. Four small LEDs plus additional focused white LED for extra light out to 100 yards.
The leading headlamp leads again with USB. Recharge again and again and again to keep your EPIC headlamp fully charged, ready for field use or just normal every day flashlight needs. Recharge it just like you do your phone or other devices and the use that brightness to do the jobs that demand the best headlamp features. Multiple modes let you choose the power and battery life. In a pinch, you can use a AA alkaline battery, so will never be caught in the dark.

An extra beam of light. The Browning Epic Headlamps combine single-battery power with multiple LED lamp heads and high-output circuits to deliver maximum performance, along with minimal size and weight. A flexible elastomer head plate make the Epic so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing one.

Fit and feel is important. The advanced ergonomic design keeps the light close to your head. This helps to keep a steady beam on the subject, even when you are active or in motion. They’re rugged and ready to roll on an Epic adventure. This model features an focused, ultra bright LED to take you out to 100 yards and even a bit more. This is a superior headlamp in every way.


- Rugged Vista camo polymer body
- Powerful white LED that never needs replacing
- Use the rotary Mode Selector knob to choose between 2-hour mode, 4-hour mode, and 10-hour mode for the white LED, or use the green LED for greater stealth and night vision
- Lightweight compact design gives incredible output
- Uses one 14500 3.7V 800 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery or one AA alkaline battery (both are included)
- Rechargeable Li-ion battery is rated for 300 charging cycles
- Charges in 2 to 3 hours from most AC power sources
- USB charging port is protected by a rubber cover
- Built-in smart charger with color coded charging indicator
- USB charging cable is included
- Water-resistant


- Length: 3 1/2"
- Brightness: 100 to 260 Lumens depending on battery used
- Effective Distance: 75 to 115 yards depending on battery used

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