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Coleman Lantern Ppn 2 Mantle Ei W/case
Lantern Ppn 2 Mantle Ei with Case

Coleman Lantern Ppn 2 Mantle Ei W/case

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Lantern Ppn 2 Mantle Ei W/case
Coleman Part Number: 2000026516NP
Catalog Number: 76501229776
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Make packing up your lantern as easy as possible with the Coleman QuickPack Propane Lantern. The 2-mantle design of this lantern creates a steady, bright glow of up to 1000 lumens of light that reaches up to 22 meters away. Starting your lantern is easy. Just hit the Instastart push-button ignition and dial in the perfect brightness with the adjustable control knob. Once your lantern is lit, the wide base provides stability when placed on a table, and the bail handle allows for easy hanging. No matter where you go, the PerfectFlow pressure control technology produces a steady fuel stream and consistent performance in all kinds of weather. When you're ready to head home, the QuickPack storage system helps get you on your way quickly, since the lantern base is also the bottom of your case. Just place the outer cover and you're all packed up until you're ready for your next bright adventure.


- Official lantern of the National Park Foundation
- Quickpack storage system integrates the lantern base into the carry case for easy, compact storage
- PerfectFlow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions and high altitude
- Instastart ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
- Adjustable brightness gives you precise control for perfect outdoor lighting
- Porcelain-coated ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust
- High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat
- Bail handle for easy carrying and convenient hanging


- 2 Insta-Clip #21 mantles


- 1000 lumens on high casts light up to 22 meters
- Lasts up to 7.5 hours on high or 13 hours on low on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)

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