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Dakota Decoy Turkey
Dakota Decoy Turkey

Dakota Decoy Turkey

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Dakota Decoy Jake
Dakota Decoy Company Part Number: 12500
Catalog Number: 12500
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Dakota Decoy Company's new Jake decoys will change your success in the field! It’s arrogant posture and uncanny realism, will drive the toms crazy!

The decoy is constructed of Dakota Decoy's new EVA blend plastic, making this virtually indestructible! This new blend of plastic has the best paint retention of any decoy on the market. It has a simple metal stake system, with internal storage for ease of running and gunning! A semi strut jake is your best bet to draw mature toms into your decoy set, and the Dakota Xtreme Jake is the only decoy on the market to incorporate the slight back head tilt that brings them on a run.  It will change turkey hunting forever.

When you want the best you take no shortcuts.   You contract a world champion to do the carving. (Dave Constantine) You have him replicate the body language of an arrogant jake, and have him add the head tilt that drives mature toms over the edge. Then you take that carving put it through the same Dakota Decoy processes that have made our duck and goose decoys the toughest, most realistic decoys on the planet.  That’s how you end up with the world’s best turkey decoy.

“Spend enough days in the turkey woods and you eventually learn their body language.   Capture and harness that language and you will kill more turkeys.  Dakota Decoys Xtreme jake has perfectly replicated the semi strut pose of an immature gobbler, complete with the head tilt that drives big toms over the edge.  It’s the best turkey decoy on the market.” Brooks Johnson – Arrow Affliction.

…because if you don’t think it looks like a turkey, neither will the turkeys!

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