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Dakota Decoy Xtreme Sentry Goose Decoys
Dakota Decoy X-Treme Honkers Sentry Pack

Dakota Decoy Xtreme Sentry Goose Decoys

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Sentry Goose Decoys
Dakota Decoy Company Part Number: 12010
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When Dakota Decoy set out to create the Xtreme Honker decoy line, they watched content feeding Canada’s, and witnessed so many geese in this position, that it was a natural for them to make the Canada Full body Goose Decoys.
The Dakota Canada Full body Xtreme Goose Decoys are made of virtually indestructible polyethylene material. The Wind Walker System delivers waddling action and the natural brown base color will not distract. These Xtreme Canadas feature molded-in motion limiter and stretch-cord legs and life like detailing.
The Dakota Active Canada Goose Decoys have a very relaxed body posture.
Add in 3 head styles to compliment this natural position and you have it all. Includes 2 upright heads and then the searching head, giving your decoy spread a very natural, content look.
The Dakota Feeders have a searching head on the active goose, which is a good indicator to incoming flocks that it must be chow time!
The feeder with its 2 head styles confirms this, and is the finishing touch to bring down wary birds.
Dakota first carved the traditional feeding head, a 90 degree head, and then decided to add what is called the aggressive head.
Canada’s are very protective of their eating space, and get into this position when another member of the flock attempts to share this find!
This is another indicator to arriving geese that they must be in reach of good eats.
Canada geese are very family oriented, and will continue to stay in their family groups throughout the migration.
Every family, regardless of size, when feeding has at least one goose watching out for danger.
Some people think the sentry is a scared goose, but they are really just taking their turn at watching over the others as they feed.
The Dakota Canada Sentries are watch dogs. A true scared Canada stands very upright with its head as high as possible and its neck gets extremely skinny.
Dakota Decoy has put the Sentry in an alert position, but was very careful to avoid the true scared posture.
The sentry will watch over your flock and signal incoming birds to stay away, which only makes the approaching birds want what they have found, and will help you put more feet down birds in the decoys.
The Canada feeders are sure to be a hit with many flocks of migrating birds, and is the addition to your spread that will help put more birds on the ground.

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