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Dakota Full Body Mallards
Dakota Full Body Mallards

Dakota Full Body Mallards

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Dakota Decoy has designed unquestionably the most life like Full Body Mallard Decoys on the market! With the Wind Walker system these decoys dont wobble, but make realistic movements.
Dakota Decoy Company Part Number: 12160
Catalog Number: 12160
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Dakota Decoy has designed unquestionably the most life like duck decoys on the market!

The first thing you will notice is the most life like, painted finish ever put on a hunting decoy.
Drakes go through a 24 step painting process, and hens go through a 16 step painting process.
Unlike other decoys that possess the repetitive cookie cutter look, Dakota Decoys are hand painted giving each decoy its own individual look.
This unique paint job in conjunction with the exaggerated side pockets, and feather texturing makes a spread come to life unlike stenciled decoys.
Since each decoy has an individual look, it more closely mimics live mallards giving hunters an added advantage when hunting.
The paint is also specially formulated to bond to the plastic instead of forming a cocoon around the decoy, meaning the paint won’t chip or peel off the decoy.
This attention to detail is evident the minute you lay eyes on these decoys!

The Dakota Decoy Wind Walker molded-in motion system brings realistic motion without the hassle of cones and other gimmicks and is included.
By limiting side-to-side and vertical movement, each decoy moves in a smooth natural way even in strong winds, eliminating the teeter tottering motion encountered with motion cones.
Any decoy’s motion can be stopped by simply turning the ring base 180 degrees placing the limiter arm into the forward slot.
Dakota Decoys also use a bungee cord to keep the base attached to the decoy itself eliminating the hassle and headache of carrying the base and decoy separate.
This simple addition to the motion system allows hunters faster set ups, take downs, and most importantly allows the spread to be adjusted quickly and easily if the wind changes during a hunt.
The diameter of the ring bases is oversized making it nearly impossible for the decoys to be blown over, even in the strongest of winds.
They are also turned from a single strand of wire then welded closed giving the base extra rigidity and superior strength.
One look at these and you’ll agree they are the most realistic full body duck decoys available!

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