Most Decoy Flags consist of lightweight fabric sewn to a y-handle with a hand grip. They are used by waving them up and down in rapid succession.  Decoy flags are generally used to attract ducks or geese at long distances.  They are an inexpensive, but effective decoying method.

Decoy Flags  (Goose and Duck)

 Pros of Flags…

• Don’t have to rely on wind or electrical/battery power to operate
• Control when there is motion or when there in not motion
• Use with decoys in your current spread
• One of the least expensive options
• Lightweight
• Gives the hunter more than control than other motion decoys
• Works great in fields, timber and open water
• Easy to use

Cons of Flags…

• Requires muscle versus mechanical
• Unless well hid, hunter's motion can spook ducks and geese
• Generally only works for long distance attraction of ducks and geese

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Jerk Strings
Spinning Wing Decoys
Swimming Decoys

Here is a Bullet on Decoy Flags from The DuckMechanic:

Overall, flags are a good way to attract distant water fowl to your spread at a very affordable price.  I generally use flags when hunting open fields or pits.  If used properly, flags can help you achieve your daily bag limit.

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