Dowdle Sports Partners with the United States Postal Service
      Several of our customers provided feedback describing some of our shipping rates as being too costly.  We listened and after researching as to why this was the case, we found that our FedEx rates to many rural addresses and addresses furthest away from our warehouses, were often excessive and did not represent a good value for our customer, particularly for small packages.  To remedy this and provided a better customer experience, we have now integrated the US Postal Service's real-time rate quotes into our online checkout process.  We believe that by seeing both the FedEx live rate quotes and the Postal Service rate quotes, customers can make a better informed decision about how they want their order delivered.

     While we have been using the US Postal Service for all of our international shipments and shipments to Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii for some time, these rates should now show for all shipments.  Customers can choose the carrier that they prefer based on price or their past experiences concerning reliability with each carrier.  This choice will certainly provide the opportunity for better value and a better customer experience while shopping online with Dowdle Sports.

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