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Drake Bonded Fleece Pants
Drake MST Bonded Fleece Pants DW244

Drake Bonded Fleece Pants

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Drake MST Bonded Fleece Pants DW244
Drake Waterfowl Part Number: DW244
Catalog Number: DW244
UPC: DW244
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Clothes don't make a duck hunter but they sure can make a day of standing around in frozen water a whole lot more comfortable if you are wearing Drake's new Bonded Fleece Pants. 100% Waterproof fabric helps deter water penetration. 280 weight fleece lining bonded to the legs of the pant make these pants a pleasure to wear under waders or by themselves in a blind or pit. Guaranteed to perform in the harshest of weather, and guaranteed to be a pleasure to wear. Relaxed jean cut fit with built in ankle garters, and foot stirrups in the leg openings.

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