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Drake Shoulder Bag 2.0
Drake Shoulder Bag 2.0

Drake Shoulder Bag 2.0

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Drake Shoulder Bag 2.0 DA1040
Drake Waterfowl Part Number: DA1040
Catalog Number: DA1040
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The new and improved Drake Shoulder Bag 2.0 is the choice for many guides and outfitters because of its exceptional organization features and low-profile size. Modeled after a messenger bag or briefcase, the Shoulder Bag 2.0 is sized in between the Drake Shell Boss 2.0 and the larger Drake Blind Bag 2.0. The bottom is slightly wider than the top so the bag stands up when fully loaded.

• 650 cubic inches of storage
• Adjustable strap with HD2™ shoulder pad
• Improved zipper
• Improved durable hardware
• Outer storage pocket
• Storage pocket interior lining
• 13 neoprene front shell loops
• Rear rubber mesh storage pocket
• Thread-through handle                   

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