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Easton Thunderstick T11
Easton T11 Thunderstick Hitting Aid

Easton Thunderstick T11

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Easton T11 Thunderstick Hitting Aid 30” A112636
Easton Part Number: A112636
Catalog Number: A112636
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Easton knows the needs of every player. Now with the Thunderstick, Easton offers a unique hand-eye training aid. If you can hit with a 1" barrel, imagine what you will be able to do with a standard 2 5/8" barrel! The Thunderstick is a training bat that drastically helps improve hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is a vital part of successful hitting, and without it, hitting at your potential is virtually impossible. The Thunderstick T10 is a training tool that forces the hitter to make contact with the ball using a smaller bat. Made from a strong alloy, the T11 has a barrel size of 1 inch, making it the ideal way to teach hitters to make solid contact with the ball. Using the Thunderstick at bat, you're training yourself to make contact at the sweet spot of the bat. The Thunderstick training tool works best when used with soft toss drills. Easton: Know-Feel-Be The Difference!

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