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FLIR CO-LR HD MG Gen 2+ NV Clip-On System

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CO-LR HD MG Gen 2+ NV Clip-On System
FLIR Part Number: NSCCOLR00129DH1
Catalog Number: 818470015918
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
The Armasight CO-LR (Clip On – Long Range) is a Night Vision unit that mounts in front of an existing day scope, and converts the day scope to night vision capability up to ranges of 1000 yards. Suitable for use with most commercial and military specification day time sights, telescopes or binoculars (up to 12X magnification), the CO-LR can be mounted/dismounted on a standard Picatinny rail in seconds, and with no tools required. Because the CO-LR is mounted in front of your own day scope, the shooters eye relief is not altered, and shot release and follow through all remain intuitive – because the unit is factory bore-sighted to better than 1MOA accuracy, no alteration in zero is experienced, so it really is as simple as mount-focus-shoot, just as in day time.

The Armasight CO-LR is intended primarily for use by the most demanding hunter or long range target shooter, but with a build quality that makes it capable of so much more -its MIL-STD-810 housing is designed to take just about anything the great outdoors can throw at it. The CO-LR is packed with innovative features like variable gain control, bright light shut-off, wireless remote control. This night vision clip on is designed to make long range night shooting just as easy and accurate as shooting over the same terrain during daylight hours with your day scope alone.

Whether your day scope is a well known brand or not, the Armasight CO-LR will work just as well at magnifications anywhere from 3X to 12X. The Armasight CO-LR is available in a variety of high performing Gen 2+ and Gen 3 image tube options to cater for all budgets; the CO-LR brings very high quality clip-on night vision within everyone's reach.


- Converts your daytime scope, sight, or binoculars into night vision devices
- Mounts in front of any day scope with no re-zeroing required
- Available in a variety of high-performing Gen 2+ and Gen 3 image intensifier tube options
- Wireless remote control
- Manual gain control for the best possible image contrast in both high and low light conditions (CO-LR MG model)
- Powered by a single AA or CR123A battery
- Low battery LED indicators appear in the viewing area of the CO-LR
- Bright light cut-off system
- Automatic shut-off system
- Filled with dry nitrogen to prevent internal fogging
- Mounts on Picatinny/ Weaver rail with a quick release mount
- Mounts on weapons using a short Picatinny/ Weaver rail with the optional FSRS system
- Long-range XLR-IR850 illuminator
- Mil Standard compliant

Included Accessories:

- Packing Box
- Soft Carrying Case
- Battery
- Battery Adapter CR123A 3V/AA 1,5V
- Lens Tissue
- Instruction Manual with Warranty Card
- Special Wrench
- AWReC (Advanced Wireless Remote Control) #94
- Picatinny Adapter for AWReC (Advanced Wireless Remote Control)
- Light-Suppressor
- XLR-IR850 Detachable X-Long Range Infrared Illuminator


- IIT Generation: Gen 2+ HD MG
- Resolution: 55-72 lp/mm
- MagnificationL 1x (Recommended to use with up to 12x Day Time Optics)
- Photocathode Type: Multi-Alkali
- Lens System: F/1.54; 108mm
- Field of View: 9°
- Focus Range: 10m to Infinity
- Exit Pupil Diameter: 40mm
- Remote Control: Wireless
- Manual Gain Control: Yes
- Bright Light Cut-off: Yes
- Automatic Shut-off System: Yes
- Low Battery Indicator: Yes
- Infrared Illuminator: Detachable Long Range IR Illuminator
- Power Supply: Single AA (1.5V) or CR123A (3V)
- Battery Life: 3V: 45 Hours and 1.5V: 25 Hours
- Environmental Rating: Water and Fog-Resistant / Waterproof (optional)
- MIL-STD-810: Yes
- Operating Temperature: -40° to 122 °F
- Storage Temperature: -58° to 122 °F
- Dimensions: 9 1/4" x 3.80" x 3.14"
- Weight: 2 lbs (without Mount and Remote Control)

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