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FLIR Camera Holster MOLLE-Backpack/Belt,Green

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Camera Holster MOLLE-Backpack/Belt,Green
FLIR Part Number: 4126886
Catalog Number: 815121013774
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
This case has two snap button molle straps for threading, and a regular 2 inch belt loop. Made by Chase Harper USA, this case is made to carry the FLIR Scout PS24 and PS32 and the FLIR Law Enforcement LS32 and LS64 thermal imaging monoculars.

Padded to protect your technology, and subtly labeled as a FLIR compartment, this soft cloth compartment is designed to be mounted on chest rigs, plate carriers, backpacks or belts.


- Color: Hunter Green
- Fits: FLIR thermal night vision
- Compatible: MOLLE

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