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FLIR QD 65mm Lens

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Your Price: $3,299.00
QD 65mm Lens
FLIR Part Number: 322-0195-12
Catalog Number: 815121014221
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
The FLIR QD65 65 mm Quick Disconnect Lens is a standard focal length quick-disconnect lens designed for the BHS-series thermal binoculars. When attached to the BHS-xR, the field of view is 10 degrees x 8 degrees and 7 degrees x 5 degrees on the BHS-x. Raised and grooved rubber sleeves provide excellent grip for fast, accurate focusing. The included low-profile lens caps protect the lens from moisture and damage.


- Customize thermal capability for mission-specific tasks with the BHS-QD65 lens for extended range
- High-performance lenses are rapidly attached via integral quick disconnect mount
- Raised and grooved rubber sleeves and
- Captive low-profile lens caps protect your lens investment as well as providing excellent grip/sensitivity for fast focusing
- Raised & grooved rubber sleeves
- Thermal Imaging Accessories
- 65mm Lens


- FOV (320 x 240): BTS-X Pro: 7deg. x 5deg.
BTS-XR Pro: 10deg. x 8deg.
- E-Zoom FOV (Resolution): BTS-X Pro: 3.5deg. x 2.5deg. (160 x 120)
2x BTS-XR Pro: 5deg. x 4deg. (320 x 240)
- E-Zoom FOV (Resolution): BTS-X Pro: No
4x BTS-XR Pro: 2.5deg. x 2deg. (160 x 120)
- Detect Man (1.8 m x 0.5 m): BTS-X Pro: 1,450 m
BTS-XR Pro: 1,900 m
- Recognize Man: BTS-X Pro: 370 m
BTS-XR Pro: 490 m
- Size (H x D): 3.3" x 3.1"

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