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FLIR Scout TS24, 19mm lens, NTSC 7.5Hz video

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Scout TS24, 19mm lens, NTSC 7.5Hz video
FLIR Part Number: 431-0003-05-00S
Catalog Number: 815121011053
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
When you want a thermal camera that's easy to pack, easy to use and delivers a high-quality thermal image that you can rely on, the FLIR TS-Series of thermal night vision cameras is your ideal choice. Multiple lens and thermal detector options allow you to customize the right camera for you. Tracking game in a heavily forested area? TS24 lets you see in the dark and through light foliage and camouflage up to 350 yards out. Monitoring a herd? Perhaps the TS32r Pro is your best option, so you can observe from more than a half-mile away.

Small, rugged, and ergonomic, Scout provides direct push-button access to all of its controls, and weighs less than a pound and a half. Built around FLIR's bleeding-edge thermal night vision technology, Scout uses a thermal camera that creates video images from heat, not light, and displays this video on its built-in LCD eyepiece so you can experience the world as it happens, day or night.


- Scout TS24, 19mm lens, NTSC 7.5Hz video
- Two Resolution/Detector Options: Choose from a crisp 240 × 180 resolution image or the even more astonishing 320 × 240 resolution.
- Multiple Lens Options: 19 mm lens with a 24° field of view; long-range 65 mm lens with a 7° field of view.
- Easy Operation: Engage power, brightness and polarity at the push of a button.
- Shuttered Eyepiece: Seals light in the viewfinder so you won't alert animals or other targets to your location.

Included in Box:

- Scout Handheld Thermal Camera
- 240x180 FPA resolution with 24° x 18° FOV
- Hot Shoe Charging & Video Output Attachment
- 4 Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries
- AC Power Adapter/Charger
- Neck Lanyard
- Manual
- USB Cable
- Video Output Cable, Quick Reference Guide


- Lens Options: 19 mm Fixed Focus
- Resolution: 240 x 180
- Field of View (H × V): 24° x 18°/12° x 9°
- Size (L × W × H): 9.36" x 3.33" x 2.62"
- Weight (w/o lens): 1.59 lb
- Operating Temp.: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
- Polarity: White Hot, Black Hot, InstAlert
- Freeze Frame: Not avaliable with Pro models
- Video Output(9 Hz refresh rate): NTSC or PAL composite video
- Video Storage: Pro models only
- Still Image Storage: Pro models only
- SD/SDHC Card-enabled: (up to 16Gb): Pro models only
- Startup: 2 seconds
- E-Zoom: 2x avaliable on all models except TS24
- Battery: 4 AA NiMH Batteries (included) or Li-Ion or Alkaline AA
- Rating: IP-67
- Detect Man-Sized Target: 19 mm lens: ~350 yards
2x extender: ~600 yards

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