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Federal Cartridge 223 Rem 55gr Nosl B-Tip V-Shk /20
223 Remington

Federal Cartridge 223 Rem 55gr Nosl B-Tip V-Shk /20

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223 Remington
Federal Cartridge Part Number: P223F
Catalog Number: 029465090289
UPC: 029465090289
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Warranted against manufacturers defects.
Federal Premium V-Shok ammunition combines high velocities with devastating expansion to create an excellent varmint cartridge. Built with premium brass, hot primers, a precise powder charge and an incredible selection of the world's finest bullet designs.

Nosler's Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets are designed for violent expansion upon impact. The bullet is tipped with a polycarbonate tip which rapidly drives back forcing the thin jacket to expand and fragment. The heavy base prevents deformation during firing and the boat-tail design increases the ballistic efficiency of the bullet. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.


- Caliber: 223 Remington
- Bullet Weight: 55 Grains
- Bullet Style: Nosler Ballistic Tip
- Case Type: Nickel Plated
- Quantity: Per 20

Ballistics Information:

- Muzzle Velocity: 3240 fps
- Muzzle Energy: 1282 ft lbs

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