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  6. Federal Cartridge 338 Lapua 300gr SierraMK BTHP
Federal Cartridge 338 Lapua 300gr SierraMK BTHP
338 Lapua 300 Gr Sierra MK BTHP

Federal Cartridge 338 Lapua 300gr SierraMK BTHP

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338 Lapua Magnum Premium Gold Medal, 300gr, Sierra MatchKing HPBT, Per 20
Federal Cartridge Part Number: GM338LM2
Catalog Number: GM338LM2
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These heralded loads combine the legendary Sierra MatchKing Boat-tail bullet with Federal's proprietary delivery system. Stringent manufacturing controls give you what many experts and international shooters consider the most accurate match round available from a factory. World-class competitors, as well as military and law enforcement officials, choose Gold Medal when it counts the most.

Sierra MatchKing bullets have very thin jackets and are held to exacting tolerances in
diameter and weight. Their accuracy has been acclaimed worldwide and they have been used to win more target
competitions than all target bullets from other manufacturers combined. This ammunition is new production,
non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.


- Caliber: 338 Lapua
- Bullet Weight: 300 Grains
- Bullet Style: Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail
- Case Type: Nickel Plated
- Quantity: Per 20

Ballistic Information

- Muzzle Velocity: 2580 fps
- Muzzle Energy: 4434 ft lbs

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