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Fenix Flashlights CL05 w/battery, Blue, 8 Lumen

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CL05 w/battery, Blue, 8 Lumen
Fenix Flashlights Part Number: FX-CL05B
Catalog Number: 6942870303529
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
What an exciting little product! The Fenix CL05 is the perfect companion for everyone's keychain. The Fenix CL05 LipLight is an EDC emergency lamp with a tri-colored LED and seven output modes. It provides up to a remarkable 40 hours of soft lighting for you--perfect in low-light conditions. In an emergency situation? The 40 hours of flashing time could prove to be invaluable in a search and rescue situation. Fenix has desiged the CL05 without standby current drain to break the so-called "standby time" limit. With an IPX-8 waterproof rating, there is no doubt the CL05 is a true EDC light to be carried in any environment or weather condition. An added feature is a tri-colored lighting source: white, red, and green outputs. Just insert the AAA battery, attach it to your keychain, watch people respond to it, and you have the confidence of Fenix quality.


- Tri-colored lighting source: White, Red, and Green
- Maximum Bean Distance: 11.15 feet (3.4 meters)
- Simple twisty tail switch
- No standby current drain; more battery efficiency
- Moonlight mode is default; always turns on in moonlight ode
- Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
- IPX-8 Rating (2 meters for 30 minutes)


Seven Lighting Effects/Outputs:


- Alkaline: 0.8 Lumens/40 Hours
- Ni-MH: 0.8 Lumens/33 Hours


- Alkaline: 8 Lumens/4 Hours
- Ni-MH: 8 Lumens/3 Hours 20 Minutes


- Alkaline: 2 Lumens/11 Hours
- Ni-MH: 2 Lumens/8 Hours 30 Minutes

Red Flash:

- Alkaline: 2 Lumens/22 Hours
- Ni-MH: 2 Lumens/17 Hours


- Alkaline: 5 Lumens/10 Hours 30 Minutes
- Ni-MH: 5 Lumens/8 Hours

Green Flash:

- Alkaline: 5 Lumens/21 Hours
- Ni-MH: 5 Lumens/16 Hours


- Alkaline: 8 Lumens
- Ni-MH: 8 Lumens

- Dimensions: 2.90" L x 0.7" D
- Weight: 0.5 oz
- Color: Blue

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