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Fiocchi Ammo Dove/Quail 12ga 2.75" 1oz 7sh /25

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Dove/Quail 12ga 2.75" 1oz 7sh /25
Fiocchi Ammo Part Number: 12DLS17
Catalog Number: 762344711584
Availability: Back Ordered
Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Hunting and Game Loads are specifically designed for shooting Dove and Quail. While this load can easily be pressed into service as a target load it really shines in the field where you can ensure that you fill your game bag. Fiocchi shotshells were developed with premium hulls, wads and quality shot in order to provide you with exceptional performance at an unbeatable value. Next time you head to the field you better ensure that you have Fiocchi Game Loads loaded in your favorite gun.


- Gauge: 12
- Length: 2 3/4"
- Oz Shot: 1
- Grams Shot: 28
- Velocity FPS: 1250
- Shot Size: #7
- Quantity: 25/Box

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