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Fisher Bull Rush Sled with T Pad
Fisher Bull Rush Sled with T Pad
Fisher Footbal Bull Rush Sled with "T" Pad 9910BT

Fisher Bull Rush Sled with T Pad

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  • Unique forward slant blocking head with release mechanism allows an individual player to engage, control, drive and extend upwards all in the same drill
  • Teach your defensive linemen and linebackers to shed blocks and target running back
  • The pad drives in 8”, then releases upward, simulating real time game action for your players
  • Wider 55” base keeps sled stable and extended pad allows players to react off pad and get up field
  • Powder coated steel for maximum weather resistance and durability
  • Pummel Pad : Teaches players to grab opponents breast plate
  • Helps strengthen hands and grip
  • Numbers and grip guides help hand placement
  • Center line on pad helps your player square up for the hit

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