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Frontline 3LayerL/K/S PdlHlstrBeretta 81/84/87Blk

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3LayerL/K/S PdlHlstrBeretta 81/84/87Blk
Frontline Part Number: SKC02P-BK
Catalog Number: 840103112909
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
This holster has leather on the outside, Kydex in the middle and a suede lining. The classic look of leather with the advantages of Kydex. Smooth suede will protect your pistol's finish.

The paddle is connected to the holster by two screws, offering you the option to change the carrying angle according to your needs. Thanks to the 6 holes this paddle offers, you are able to adjust your holster in different cant angles to forward and backward - from vertical carrying to cross draw position.

With this paddle, your holster is stable and steady: The bottom of the paddle is rugged to keep the holster in place, the two jags hold it on your belt and the "window" enables you to insert your belt via your pants loop into this window while carrying the paddle holster outside your pants. Whether you choose to carry the paddle in your pants or outside – you get the best possible options for carrying your paddle holster.

This classic range of Front-Line holsters is made from natural lubricated leather processed without synthetic additives. The cut, design, and hand-crafted finish of these famous holsters are the result of years of planning and experience.


- Type: Paddle System
- Fits: Beretta 81/4/87
- Handed: Right Hand
- Material: Leather Outer Layer and Suede Lining
- Color: Black

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