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Frontline K4093PL Blk Lft

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K4093PL Blk Lft
Frontline Part Number: K4093PL-BK
Catalog Number: 840103102733
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
This Front Line Kydex paddle holster features a secure fitting paddle with adjustable tension screw for firearm retention. Front Line is the premier manufacturer of holsters in Israel, manufacturing the holsters used by Israeli military and law enforcement. Working with the Israeli Defense Force, Front Line has developed and refined the most effective holster designs and materials. These holsters have been proven in actual combat and law enforcement use in one of the most demanding environments in the world. These holsters have been tested and approved by the professionals they were designed for - Israeli soldiers, special ops units and professional law enforcement. You may never breach a building to rescue hostages or infiltrate terrorist cells under deep cover, but you can rest assured that your holster has performed admirably in those situations.


- Fits: .357 Revolver 3" Barrel
- Handed: Left Hand
- Material: Molded Polymer
- Color: Black

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