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Gamakatsu Gf Tournament Snap M, 10 Hooks P/P
Gamakatsu Gf Tournament Snap M, 10 Hooks P/P
Tournament snap is Gamakatsu's latest addition to the "G Finesse" series, designed by Shin Fukae. Primarily used on plugs for bass, walleye, salmon, stripers, steelhead, trout, panfish and other species, Gamakatsu's Tournament Snap is stainless steel and allows a full range of movement, enhancing the effectiveness of whatever plug is used. Better yet, and unlike other plug snaps, Gamakatsu's tournament snap will not accidentally open. The clever design of the Tournament Snap stays closed at all times as the plug eye is threaded onto the snap. It's easy, effective and better by design! Tested extensively and used under rigorous tournament conditions.


- Type of Hook: G Finesse
- Size: Medium
- Color: Silver
- Quantity Per Pack: 10

Gamakatsu Gf Tournament Snap M, 10 Hooks P/P

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