1. Gear Protec X2 Air X SOFB Shoulder Pad
Gear Protec X2 Air X SOFB Shoulder Pad
Gear Protec X2 Air X SOFB Shoulder Pad

Gear Protec X2 Air X SOFB Shoulder Pad

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Gear Protec X2 Air X SOFB Adult Football Shoulder Pads OL/DT/DE/TE 1295528
Gear Protec Part Number: 1295528
Catalog Number: 1295528
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DISCONTINUED and replaced with Gear Pro Tec X55 X3 shoulder pad shown below:

The Gear Pro-Tec line of X2 Air shoulder pads provide a traditional pad design with the added benefit of a moisture management foam system for enhanced cooling power while maintaining maximum protection. The AC notch-out with cradle pad provides Acromioclavicular joint protection.  Adjustable cap system follows arm and shoulder movement for full range of motion and additional protection. Vent holes in the arch allow for quicker cooling and drying. Adjustable and removable Air-Release clavicle pads provide a customized fit for maximum comfort and safety.  Traditional style with modern technology for demanding performance.

MEDIUM: 17-18 inch shoulders, 38-40 inch chest
LARGE:  18-19 inch shoulders, 40-42 inch chest
XL:  19-20 inch shoulders, 42-44 inch chest
2XL:  20-21 inch shoulders, 44-46 inch chest
3XL:  21-22 inch shoulders, 46-48 inch chest
4XL:  22-23 inch shoulders, 48-50 inch chest
5XL:  23-24 inch shoulders, 50-52 inch chest

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