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Georgia FLXpoint Work Boots
Georgia FLXpoint Waterproof Work Boot

Georgia FLXpoint Work Boots

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Retail Price:$164.99
Georgia FLXpoint Waterproof Work Boot G6544
Georgia Boot Part Number: G6544
Catalog Number: G6544
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So, you're looking for a work boot. Do you want the boot to be made from the highest-quality materials? Would you like for your feet to be kept dry? How about comfortable? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you will want to own this Georgia FLXPoint Waterproof Work Boot (style #G6544).

Just by looking at the upper of this Georgia FLXPoint, you can identify the quality materials that have been used to create this boot. It has been constructed from genuine, full-grain leather. The brown boot supplies a "œbroken-in " look and feel as soon as you take it out of the box, due to the leather having been tanned. If you job has you working  outdoors, you will appreciate the fully padded collar and tongue. Yes, it is true that these items will provide you with comfort, but most importantly they will reduce the likelihood that you will get dirt and debris in your boot.

This #G6544 style is fully lined with a breathable, moisture-wicking material and features the Georgia Waterproof System to keep you dry. These are great aspects to have in a work boot, because regardless of whatever conditions you may encounter on the job, your feet and ankles will remain dry and comfortable.

We stated earlier that you are easily able to spot the quality of this boot. Located directly on the tongue you will observe the sewn in Comfort Core® label. Wearing boots with a Comfort CoreTM footbed keeps your feet cushioned and comfortable throughout your entire shift. It is also equipped with a heel plug, which helps to absorb impact nicely.

For support and torsional rigidity, you will be impressed with the boot's firm TPU heel stabilizer. It may be more lightweight than a traditional steel shank, but it is just as effective and creates a flexible and durable platform for any task at work. The oil-resistant FLXPoint rubber outsole is designed to give you maximum surface contact, assuring that you will have a good grip even in less than ideal conditions on the job. While, the flex groves are going to help the boot to move with you.

The Georgia FLXPoint is an excellent work boot. Not only is it made from great looking full-grain leather, but your feet will continuously remain dry and utterly comfortable. The only thing you will have to worry about is trying not to gloat about your incredible Georgia boots.

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