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Georgia Renegades
Georgia Renegades Work Boots

Georgia Renegades

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Georgia Renegades Work Boots G8114
Georgia Boot Part Number: G8114
Catalog Number: G8114
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Going to work is an inevitable part of life. After a while, you begin to develop your work ethic, you expand your skill set and you learn the value of a dollar. So, that you have  dependable footwear on the next time you head to the jobsite, just lace up these Georgia Renegades Work Boots (#G8114).

This Renegades boot intersperses superior materials on both the external and internal areas. On the upper, the dark hue and quality of the leather stands out. The good aspect about wearing a lace-up boot is that you can adjust the nylon laces and alter the fit to your partiality. The padded collar is comforting against your skin.

Internally, this work boot is fully lined; it features a Cosmo Spacer lining that has undergone a AgionTM antimicrobial treatment to prevent odor. For this Georgia boot, the Comfort Core® insole is considerable in the heel, providing you with more support as you walk.

Regardless if you are discussing a hair-raising roller-coaster ride at your favorite amusement park, a stealth jet, or a terrifying dinosaur that once roamed the Earth... the name Raptor has been associated with very hardy objects throughout history. The "œRaptor " outsole that is on this Georgia Renegades work boot is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, heat and oil.

With the intention of giving this pair of men's boots flexibility, strength, and fantastic durability, they have been assembled with Goodyear welt construction. Over time, this feature allows these boots to mold to your foot's shape, which is sublimely comforting. It also allows these lace-up boots to be refurbished easily.

These boots will help you get the job done, as you are counting down the days until your next vacation.

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