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Georgia Romeo
Georgia Romeo Work Shoe

Georgia Romeo

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Retail Price:$129.99
Georgia Romeo Work Shoe GR233
Georgia Boot Part Number: GR233
Catalog Number: GR233
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Georgia Boot constructed the upper of this Eagle Light Romeo work shoe with full-grain leather<; it has terrific durability, the material is soft and its dark-brown hue makes these shoes look undeniably masculine. The overall  design has been kept simple, which allows you to wear this footwear with a variety of outfits and on multiple occasions. You'll be able to get these round-toe shoes on/off with no trouble; this is possible because of the footwear's slip-on design and the fact that these shoes are equipped with nylon pull loops.

Since Georgia chose to line the entire interior of the Eagle Light work shoes with a soft, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, your feet will remain dry and utterly comfortable.

These Romeo-style work shoes have been assembled with a genuine leather welt; this allows the structure of the footwear to be sturdier and hold up nicely. The Double Eagle outsole supplies a surprising amount of cushioning and flexibility, which will allow your feet  to remain comfortable throughout the day. The black-hued outsole is also oil, chemical, slip and abrasion resistant.

If you are looking for lightweight, slip-on footwear that you can wear for casual jobs or around town, these Georgia Eagle Light Romeo Work Shoes (#GR233) are a great option for you!

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