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Glovesmith 12.50
Glovesmith 12.50" Pitcher Glove

Glovesmith 12.50" Pitcher Glove

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Glovesmith 12.50" Pitcher Field Commander Baseball Glove F1250T
Glovesmith - MCSEA Part Number: F1250T
Catalog Number: F1250T
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Glovesmith Field Commander Series - Premium quality baseball gloves at an affordable price.  The Glovesmith FIELD COMMANDER Series is constructed with a soft top grain leather shell.  Each FIELD COMMANDER Series is constructed with game ready Oiled cowhide shells, Deer Tanned cowhide lining palms, Ultra-Dri lining backs, and ¼” lacing in the webs & fingers tops.  The FIELD COMMANDER Series also get plastic reinforced Supra-Flex padding, palm pads, and proprietary pocket grease.  Glovesmith goes to great lengths in selecting only the finest leathers and applying time-honored craftsmanship to create the highest value for their ball playing customer.  This is a premium quality glove at an affordable price.

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