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GunVault AR Vault -Standard
AR Standard Vault

GunVault AR Vault -Standard

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Your Price: $125.26
AR Vault -Standard
GunVault Part Number: AR1000
Catalog Number: 751077005740
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Tamper-resistant door. Patented No-Eyes keypad, available in digital or biometric design. Precisely fitted for standard AR-style rifles. Predrilled holes for wall mounting. Fits a standard AR-15 pattern rifle with a Delta Ring forearm attachment. Mounts discreetly in most closets for quick access. Protective foam liner. Audio low battery warning. LED low battery warning. Blocked access after repeated invalid entries. Backup override key provided. Requires one 9volt battery.


- Constructed of extremely durable glass-reinforced nylon for maximum durability
- Designed to fit in the .223/5.56 AR magazine well
- Securely locks into place to keep the AR safe and secure at home during travel or on the range
- AR cannot be chambered once locked into place


- Color: Black
- Entry: Fingerprint ID
- Lock Type: Electronic
- Exterior Dimensions: 4 x 11 x 14"

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