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HexMag Gray Grip Tape

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Your Price: $7.99
Gray Grip Tape
HexMag Part Number: HXGT-GRY
Catalog Number: 861643000198
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Hexmag Grip Tape provides the ultimate grip for your Hexmag magazines and the Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip. Customize your gripping power where you need it!


- One sheet (46 hex shapes) is enough to cover both sides of one Hexmag magazine if you fill every hex shape of the magazine. Or 50% of two - - Hexmag magazines.
Hexmag Grip Tape is water proof and provides additional gripping power in any environment wet or dry. - -
The Grip Tape is die-cut and self adhesive to fit into and fill the hex-shaped cavity on the Hexmag magazine and Advanced Tactical Grip. - --
Simply clean the surface of your Hexmag magazine or Advanced Tactical Grip to remove all oils and dirt, apply Grip Tape and press firmly. So- me light heat may be applied to set the Grip Tape in the step of the magazine.

Color: Gray

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