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Higdon Decoys Battleship Shoveler - Foam Filled
Higdon Decoys Battleship Shoveler - Foam Filled

Higdon Decoys Battleship Shoveler - Foam Filled

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Higdon Decoys Battleship Shoveler
Higdon Decoys Part Number: 16964
Catalog Number: 16964
UPC: 710617169648
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Super Bright. Super Colorful. Super Irresistible. The Northern Shoveler can often be seen in shallow water setups, but rarely do you see Shoveler decoys out.  This is quickly changing as waterfowlers are realizing the importance of having these highly visible decoys within their spread.  Having a dozen or so is perfect for shallow water set ups where Shovelers love to feed and rest.  The bright white colors displayed on a Shovelers body naturally increases your visibility from above, all the while attracting a multitude of other species of waterfowl towards your setup.  Give some a try and notice how ducks respond from distances afar.  

Make a huge impression with Higdon's biggest, brightest and most durable signature "Battleship" duck decoys.  Add maximum impact to your spread with realism, dependability and extreme visibility from longer distances, with realistic details for finishing birds up close.  Higdon set the standard for Foam Filling and these Battleships are unsinkable, so you never have to worry about shooting your decoys. Package contains different body postures, varied tail feathering and  multiple head positions. Weighted keel for quick and easy set-up. Keel allows short stringing decoys for shallow water. Higdon's highly detailed, proprietary UV painting process and deep realistic carving techniques highlight each individual feather and minimize unnatural glare, even when decoys are wet. Package contents:  4 drakes and 2 hens with the following head styles: 2 drake skimmers, 2 upright drakes, 2 resting hens.  A percentage of your purchase will go to Ducks Unlimited to help with their efforts for wetland conservation.

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