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Hogue Govt Rub Grip w/FG OD Grn
Colt & 1911 Government Grip

Hogue Govt Rub Grip w/FG OD Grn

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Colt & 1911 Government Grips
Hogue Part Number: 45001
Catalog Number: 45001
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Hogue Wrap around Rubber Grips are the perfect choice for the shooter that is looking for a sleek grip that is both attractive as well as functional. This grip is manufactured from a soft durable rubber and features a lightweight, synthetic skeleton making the rigid interior of the grip. The synthetic insert is chemically bonded to the exterior rubber grip insuring that the grip won't de laminate or come apart. Hogue uses a cobblestone (stippled) surface on this grip instead of traditional checkering for a modern feel and excellent grip control in any condition. The finger grooves on the front of the grip are an affordable alternative to front strap checkering and are preferred by many competition shooters for rapid, accurate shooting. The material is solvent and oil resistant which means it will not deteriorate or dissolve due to cleaning your firearm.


- Fits: Colt, 1911 Government .45, 1911 Commander and Clones with Finger Grooves
- Color: OD Green

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