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Hornady 30 Cal .308 180gr IB /100
30 Caliber Bullets

Hornady 30 Cal .308 180gr IB /100

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Your Price: $56.80
30 Cal .308 180gr IB /100
Hornady Part Number: 30709
Catalog Number: 90255307092
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
No risk, lifetime warranty.
Hornady has perfected a proprietary bonding process that holds the core and jacket together no matter what the bullet encounters. Quite simply, the core will never separate from the jacket. Thanks to the bonded core and a thicker, stiffer jacket, the InterBond retains over 90% of its mass, even through tough hides and bone. The InterBond delivers deadly terminal performance for a quick, sure kill.

Combined with the proven ballistic advantages and accuracy of the SST design, the InterBond is destined to make a big impact on your next hunt. Unlike partitioned and dual-core bullets, where the front core can separate from the bullet mass, the InterBond always holds together. In addition, the InterBond expands to over twice its diameter for maximum energy transfer at all ranges.

The Hornady InterBond is the one bullet that delivers deep penetration and a destructive wound channel. It delivers premium performance at a price much lower than the competition.

- Premium Polymer Tip: The sharp point improves ballistic performance, accuracy and initiation of expansion
- Bonded Core: The bonded design ensures that the bullet achieves controlled expansion with virtually no fragmentation and the core will never separate from the jacket
- Expansion Control Ring: Controls expansion to form a large, flat mushroom and a wide wound channel over twice the bullet diameter
- Thicker, Tougher, Stiffer Jacket: Necessary to retain weight and guarantees over twice the bullet diameter.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

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