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Hornady 8mm .323 170gr RN /100
8mm Bullets

Hornady 8mm .323 170gr RN /100

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8mm .323 170gr RN /100
Hornady Part Number: 3235
Catalog Number: 090255232356
UPC: 090255232356
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Rifle Bullets
8mm Caliber (.323)
170 Grain Round Nose

No matter what kind of game you're hunting, you need the right bullet. And, for any hunter worldwide, the right bullet is Hornady InterLock. InterLock is designed for hunters who understand that a bullet must be evaluated two ways: first, on how consistently it can be delivered to an exact point of aim and second, on what happens once it reaches that point. It's precisely that combination of accuracy and performance which makes InterLock the reliable choice for any hunting situation.

The InterLock bullet is designed to be the most dependable bullet you can take with you into the field. The InterLock ring assures perfect mushroom expansion without jacket/core separation. As a result, the bullet retains more mass, energy and momentum after impact. This stopping power has earned InterLock its deadly reputation.

Hunters worldwide use InterLock bullets to take everything from antelope to zebra and from whitetails to wildebeest. It's such a proven performer, Hornady selected it to load into our enhanced performance Light Magnum and Heavy Magnum ammunition. How the Interlock Bullet works: It all happens in less than 1 /100th of a second. Yet it takes decades of experience in the design and manufacture of bullets to make it happen the same shot after shot after shot.

InterLock consistently performs under more shooting conditions than any other bullet. 1. On impact, the soft lead point is immediately pushed back and begins to expand in diameter. 2. The copper jacket, inner grooved at the bullet's point, folds back behind the leading edge of the expanding lead core. 3. The classic mushroom is achieved by the jacket and core expanding at the same rate. Expansion is controlled by increased resistance from the growing thickness of the copper jacket. 4. The InterLock ring, imbedded in the lead core, assures that the jacket and core will not separate as the bullet reaches its full expansion.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

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