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Humminbird SMARTSTRIKE - SE STATES (Apr '16)

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Humminbird Part Number: 600039-3
Catalog Number: 82324048227
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Humminbird SmartStrike takes you straight to the actiom by showing you where the fish are biting at any given moment. This powerful software program contained on the SmartStrike map card allows anglers to utilize humminbird Lakmaster High-Definition map data* and extensive search algorithms to pattern and locate fish like never before.

Based on search parameters like fish species, season, time of day, and temprature, the SmartStrike engine searches depth ranges, type of structure, proximity, and more to quickly revel and highlight the results on the lake map. Buil a custom search based on criteria you choose, or click any location on a lake, select Find Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other areas like it.


- Shallow Water Highlight
- Depth Highlight
- Water Level Offset
- Follow the Contour/with iPilot Link equipped Minn Kota troling motor

*SmartStrike full searchfunctionality is exclusive to High-Definition waters only

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