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Humminbird SOUTHEAST STATES (Jan '16)

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Humminbird Part Number: 600023-6
Catalog Number: 82324048173
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LakeMaster`s high-definition accuracy and detail combined with Humminbird`s ground-breaking Side Imaging sonar capabilities give anglers advantages on the water like never before. Follow-the-Contour technology will change the way you fish. Simply select a contour and automatically follow it by combining your chart with a Minn Kota i-Pilot Link and your Humminbird unit. Plus; you can set a path directly on or offset from any contour line. Select a depth range with the depth-highlight feature to keep you in the strike zone. Use Shallow-Water Highlight to identify hazardous areas or shallow water. Water-level offset lets you adjust the chart to the current water level.


- High-definition accuracy.
- Depth Highlight lets you select a depth or depth range.
- Shallow Water Highlight helps identify hazards.
- Water Level Offset for true-to-depth contour lines.
- Set a path following or offset from any contour line.


- Covers Southeast States: Florida,Georgia,Alabama,Mississippi,Tennessee,and Kentucky

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