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Kat Attakk
Kat Attakk Predator Call
You can attract your predator of choice with over 30 calls to choose from on the Lucky Duck Kat Attakk Call. This electronic caller is designed in the shape of a cougar skull and projects calls clearly on the 130 dB speaker. You can change from the Wicked Alienator to the Screamin' Tweety using the remote to change calls at up to 300 feet. Program your favorite calls into the remote to attract predators again and again.

Kat Attakk

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  • Call Features:
  • 130 dB speaker to clearly project sounds.
  • Remote control to change sound selection and volume at a distance,
  • Includes: Carry strap and universal thread for tripod (not included).
  • Designed by the Verminator - Rick Paillet
  • Three custom Verminator Hunt calls.
  • Remote Features:
  • 0 sound presets including: Viper Bleeds, Syco Bird, Screamin' Tweety, Lip Squeaks, Alienator Ki Yi, Nimrod, Stryker, Syco Cat, Wicked Alienator, Tormented Syco, Rodent Distress, Mental Tweety, Pup Distress, Irritated Alienator, Coyote Pack, Female Whimper, Female Invitation, Female Howls, Interrogation Howl, Challenge Howl, Raspy Tweety, Rabbit in Distress, Rodent Screams, House Cat, Squirrel Distress, Crow Gathering, Crow Fight, Here Kitty Kitty Hunt, Breeding Season Hunt, Zombie Hunt
  • Operates sound selection and volume
  • Range is up to 300 ft
  • Programmable favorite buttons
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries for remote
  • Uses 4 AA batteries for decoy

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