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King Satellite KING Jack SureLock

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Your Price: $113.83
KING Jack SureLock
King Satellite Part Number: OA8201/Black
Catalog Number: 660045123968
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Simply the best RV over-the-air HDTV antenna available. The King Jack antenna is simple to install and even simpler to use.


- Wider Reception Range: Less directional than traditional RV antennas to provide broader reception coverage
- Greatly Improved UHF Reception: Superior reception of UHF signals where over 80% of new DTV channels are broadcast, also offers great reception of remaining VHF channels
- Easy to Install: Works with varying roof thicknesses and easily replaces existing antenna
- Effortless Antenna Rotation: Easily rotate antenna with two fingers with 360 degree rotation for no dead spots
- Built-in Digital TV Signal Meter: Point the antenna for maximum reception before scanning for channels to simplify setup and eliminate frustration
- No Crank Handle: Fixed height requires no cranking up or down. No need to remember to stow antenna before driving away.
- Compact, Aerodynamic Design: Aerodynamic mount offers superior wind resistance, is 70% smaller and requires less roof space than traditional RV antennas

Product Includes:

- Antenna
- Antenna Mount
- Shafts for varying roof thicknesses
- Interior Enclosure with Rotation Knob and
- SureLock Signal Meter
- Wall Mount Power Injector
- Owner's Manual


- Dimensions: 12 1/2" L x 16" W x 8.60" H
- Weight: 2.85 lbs
- Enclosure/Mount: ASA (Automotive Grade)
- Signal Meter Frequency Response: 40-862 MHz (Channels 2-69)
- Color: Black

Frequency Bands:

- VHF (47-230 MHz) – 20 dB gain
- UHF (470-860 MHz) – 25 dB gain

Powered Amplifier:

- 12 volt / 100 mA working
- Power supplied via wall mount Power Injector:
- King #21015 (white) or KING #21017 (black)
- Injector includes inputs for antenna and cable, and outputs for 2 TVs

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