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Lyman Stuck Case Remover

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Your Price: $17.48
Stuck Case Remover
Lyman Part Number: 7680350
Catalog Number: 11516703507
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
The Lyman Stuck Case Remover Kit will safely and easily remove stuck cases from sizing dies. Unlike other kits, all the tools that are needed are included. The kit includes a unique dual purpose threaded cap that screws over the end of the die. This cap acts as both a drill guide and a guide for the pulling screw. An extra-long hex wrench is included which provides plenty of leverage when removing stuck cases and also doubles as a handle for the tap wrench.


- Kit includes: Threaded cap, tap drill, ΒΌ-20 tap, hex screw, long hex wrench, and tap wrench.
- Everything needed is included in the kit
- Unique dual purpose threaded cap
- Long hex wrench provides plenty of leverage and doubles as a tap wrench handle
- Packed in an easy- to- display clam shell with full instructions

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