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Mojo Decoys MOJO Booty Shaker

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Your Price: $16.06
MOJO Booty Shaker
Mojo Outdoors Part Number: HW2436
Catalog Number: 816740003108
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
The Booty Shaker is an ingenious accessory created by the Mojo Crew to convert the Mojo Mallard (Magnetic Wings only) to make ripples on the water and splashing noises just like live ducks do. It includes a counter-weighted collar to fit over the hub of one of the magnetic wings plus a Booty Shaker Paddle, which mounts between the decoy mounting peg and the support pole.

When the entire unit is positioned such that the tip of the Booty Shaker Paddle is just below the water surface, the counter-balance on the wing imparts a vibration to the decoy, which is transferred thru the paddle to the surface of the water. Added realism to the most effective duck decoy ever!

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