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Mojo Decoys MOJO Fan Press
MOJO Fan Press

Mojo Decoys MOJO Fan Press

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MOJO Fan Press
Mojo Decoys Part Number: HW2305
Catalog Number: HW2305
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Most turkey hunters want to mount the fantail of the gobblers they take as trophies, or to use as decoys in future hunting. Mojo's motion decoy line allows the hunter to substitute a real turkey fan for the artificial one provided. The Mojo Fan Press is a specially designed press to hold your green fan in the exactly correct position while it dries, resulting in a trophy for the wall or useable fan for hunting. Complete and ready to use.

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Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Primos B-Mobile
The plan to hatch B-Mobile was conceived three years ago. It all started with a real stuffed gobbler named Bob. Bob wasn't the easiest thing to carry around in the woods, but man he got the job done! When turkeys saw Bob, they would come in running. Bob worked great to bring in those weary gobblers, but he was hard to tote around. It was decided to try and build a decoy that worked as well as Bob but was more mobile. After working with prototypes of full strutting gobblers for the past three years, finally it all came together with B-Mobile (that's short for Bob-Mobile). Now you have all the benefits of a mounted gobbler in an easy to carry unit. Includes: Strutting Gobbler Decoy, Fold-Up Silk Fan, B-Mobile Fan Holder, Decoy Stake, Carrying Bag, Instructional DVD.

Features :

- Easy to Carry
- Full-Strut Gobbler Decoy
- Has a Fan Holder for Attaching a Real Fan
- Folds Up
- Compact
- Quick Set-Up
- Metal Stake
Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Primos Mobile Series Ground Breaker Decoy Stake
The Ground Breaker Decoy Stake fits all Mobile Series Decoys as well as a variety of other decoys on the market. If you have ever had a hard time getting your decoy stake into the ground, or if you have broken your plastic stake, then the Ground Breaker Decoy Stake is for you. It is an all metal stake that is lightweight and durable. The Ground Breaker Decoy Stake has a built-in foot press making it easier than ever to push the stake into the ground.


- All Metal Stake
- Foot Press
- Lightweight and Durable
Usually ships within 1-3 business days

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