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Mojo Decoys MOJO Fan-Tom  (Fantom)
MOJO Fan-Tom (Fantom)

Mojo Decoys MOJO Fan-Tom (Fantom)

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Your Price: $32.48
MOJO Fan-Tom (Fantom)
Mojo Outdoors Part Number: HW2307
Catalog Number: HW2307
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Mojo introduces the ideal combination of effectiveness coupled with portability and ease of use with the Fan-Tom (Fantom), which is a string-operated stake and frame, which raises and lowers a realistic looking gobbler fan. This product is unbelievably effective in attracting even the most wary gobblers and has been tested and proven in the turkey fields for several years. The Mojo Fan-Tom boils the turkey decoy down to only the essential, effective components the tail fan and motion. When those wary old Toms have heard and seen it all, realistic fanning motion is key. The Mojo Fan-Tom provides this motion remotely or by hand.


- Raise and lower fan remotely with the 100' heavy-duty pull cord
- Use the tail by itself for one of the most simple, portable, effective tricks you've ever seen
- Transform any standard body decoy into a full body tail or fan motion decoy for a fraction of the price
- Use the silk fan or easily attach your own real fan
- Unique raise and lock spool produced realistic fanning motion even in high winds
- High quality steel construction that stakes anywhere and lasts, tall enough for high visibility and to compliment any other full body decoy
- Fan-Tom run and gun by quickly detaching the pull cord, raise and lower the fan by hand, or lock the fan up and go right at them for an aggressive gobbler pursuit

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