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Nosler 270 Winchester Brass (50 ct)
Nosler Custom Brass was developed to complement their line of custom bullets. Each lot is weight-sorted to provide consistent measurements and capacities for accurate loads and features a Nosler head-stamp. Before shipment, Nosler chamfers and deburrs the case mouths and deburrs the flash hole. Fully prepped and ready to load upon receipt, each piece of brass offers consistency in trimmed length and neck wall thickness. This brass is new and unprimed. This is not loaded ammunition.


- Caliber: 270 Winchester
- Finish: Brass
- Quantity: 50

Nosler 270 Winchester Brass (50 ct)

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  • Speeds up drills and allows for more repetitions
  • Serves as an extra assistant or player
  • 3 layer, 18 oz vinyl base and single layer, 18 oz vinyl body for long lasting durability
  • Safest Pop-up dummy on the market
  • Heavy base for a properly reacting dummy
  • Rubber coated base for player protection
  • Four carrying handles
  • Size: 60" x 24"

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