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  6. Nosler 300BLK 110gr Varmageddon FB Tipped /20
Nosler 300BLK 110gr Varmageddon FB Tipped /20
Nosler 300BLK 110gr Varmageddon FB Tipped /20

Nosler 300BLK 110gr Varmageddon FB Tipped /20

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Noveske Ammunition
Nosler Part Number: 52228
Catalog Number: 54041522281
UPC: 52228
Availability: Back Ordered
John Noveske always dreamed of creating a line of high quality ammunition tuned to his rifles. A line of ammunition so good that it squeezes every bit of performance out of a rifle while also providing maximum terminal ballistics downrange. John’s dream is now a reality. Noveske signature ammunition, manufactured by Nosler, is the ultimate option for semi-automatic rifles. Loaded with a variety of Nosler bullets, Noveske ammunition is perfectly suited for the important mission at hand. Get the performance your rifle deserves.

Varmageddon bullets are made with a lead-alloy core and feature a copper-alloy jacket designed to withstand high velocities yet expand immediately upon impact. Varmageddon bullets are manufactured using a highly efficient process, providing legendary Nosler quality and accuracy.


- Loaded in Noveske headstamped brass
- Specifically tuned for semi-automatic firearms
- Black nickel plated components for stealthy-smooth cycling
- High-performance powder and bullet combinations
- Loaded rounds are visually inspected


- Caliber: 300 AAC Blackout
- Bullet Weight: 110 Grains
- Bullet Style: Nosler Varmageddon Tipped Flat Base
- Bullet Length: 0.920"
- Case Type: Black Nickel Plated
- Quantity: 20 Rounds

Ballistics Information

- Muzzle Velocity: 2150 fps
- Muzzle Energy: 1128 ft lb
- Sectional Density: 0.166
- Ballistic Coefficient: 0.293
- Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 8"

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