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  6. Primos 4 LB. Deer Lick Block Sweet Acorn
Primos 4 LB. Deer Lick Block  Sweet Acorn
4 lb Deer Lick Block

Primos 4 LB. Deer Lick Block Sweet Acorn

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4 lb Deer Lick Block
Primos Part Number: 58704
Catalog Number: 58704
UPC: 58704
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Now you can attract and grow Swamp Donkeys with a secret formula, with the testing, modifying and documenting the dramatic results of this formula for 7 years. The motivation for bringing you this closely held formula in Swamp Donkey is to supply you with an attractant which can promote overall deer health, energy and blood flow -
which can help increase antler growth and body weight. Put deer where you want them with Swamp Donkey.

Warning: Baiting Deer is a violation in some areas. Check your local laws and regulations before using Swamp Donkey.


- Premium Organic and Natural Food-Grade Ingredients
- Increases Bone and Antler Formation, Energy Metabolism and Reproductive Physiology
- Scientifically Formulated with Calcium, Phosphorus and Mineral Oils Tested by University of Illinois
- Quality Produced in Partnership with Morton Salt

Sweet Acorn Block

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