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Quake Claw Muzzleloader Sling Black

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Your Price: $26.10
Claw Muzzleloader Sling Black
Quake Part Number: 54000-7
Catalog Number: 727703540007
Availability: Usually ships within 1-3 business days
Two great ideas combined into one great product! The new Claw Muzzleloader Sling combines all of the great features of the Claw sling with the benefits of the PowerBelt SpeedClip loader.

With the SpeedClip attached to the Claw Sling, three extra loads are positioned right at your fingertips for quick and easy reloading. The pliable "speed clip" holds three clear load tubes and three 209 primers securely in place, requiring only a slight twist to release a single tube when ready to reload. Works with .45 or .50 caliber Pyrodex Pellet loads and any muzzleloading projectile - PowerBelt, Sabot or Conical.

The Quake Claw Muzzleloader Sling comes ready to install with Hushstalker II Swivels included. Easy to install and easy on your gun, Hushstalker swivels will not mar or scratch your stock. And the Claw sling's patented "no slip, all grip" design ensures that your gun will stay on your shoulder, even in the most strenuous of hunting conditions.


- Speed Clip attached to sling for quick and easy reloading
- Lightweight
- Non-Slip pad
- Durable and odor resistant
- Will not fade or crack
- Hush Stalker II Sling Swivels


- Type: Muzzleloader
- Maximum Length: 43"
- Minimum Length: 29 1/2"
- Width: 2 1/2"
- Padding Thickness: 5/16"
- Color: Black

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